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scholarly study of conversion to Islam in the U.S.

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about feeling Muslim

Feeling Muslim is an online resource for the scholarly study of religious conversion, and particularly conversion to Islam in the United States.

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feeling Muslim: Prolegomena to the Study of American Female Converts to Islam

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257 highly educated women from diverse backgrounds participated in the feeling Muslim study in 2014. Muslim women all over the world are benefiting from the findings today.

religious conversion as a process


preparing the soil

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planting the seed

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tending the roots

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harvesting the fruits

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feeling Muslim research featured in Project Lina: Bringing Our Whole Selves to Islam


In writing this book, Project Lina, Dr. Tamara Gray and Najiyah Maxfield have drawn an intricate map to lovingly guide Muslim women converts, whether new or veteran, as we traverse this unfamiliar territory, while simultaneously rooting us in the foundations of our religion and strengthening our roots by providing us with the tools we need to take ownership of our Islam, ultimately leading to feeling Muslim.

- karla n. kovacik

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